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By appointment

Cost: £70.00

Life Coaching covers every aspect of personal development that an individual might aspire to:  career direction and development, management, leadership, business start-up, life skills, personal fulfilment, relationship conflicts, life-balance and or the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge. Life Coaching is flexible and adaptable because it focuses on enablement and reflection, in order for the individual to decide which is their best path of progression.


So, if you either want to be more confident, regain balance and control, embrace changes, are looking at self-development, achieving your goals, reaching your full potential or just because you have finally and simply decided you deserve it, book an appointment and let’s look at how you will make this first and important step towards your full potential. You will require a mobile phone or computer with a webcam to take part.

Please call 020 7427 6095 to arrange your private one to one intuitve life coaching session.  

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